Delicious Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies are synonymous to chocolate, and I hope you agree. This recipe makes brownies cakey rather than gooey, which makes them excellent for when I need a pick me up in the afternoon. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea (or […]

Super Simple Bread Pudding

What to do with stale leftover bread? Bread Pudding. Simple and nondescript, bread pudding doesn’t often get time in the spotlight, and that’s a shame. Not only is this recipe simple, but it’s also quick. Less than ten minutes of prep time […]

Simple Soft Rolls

The smell of freshly baked bread wafting in the air, what could be better? These soft rolls are quick and easy, guaranteed to cover your home in the wonderful smell of fresh bread. This recipe makes bread with a hard exterior but […]

2021 – End of the Year

2021 has come and is going (or gone if you’re reading this later). Just a few words before the year ends. Thank you for being here with us as we start the Curiosity journey again I’m super happy that I decided to […]

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