Tea Party 2015!

Hello everyone! Curosity’s annual tea party happened last weekend, and we almost didn’t make it this year. Making it Asian themed was a challenge not only for my carious cookbooks, but for my sanity.

But do look forward to the recipes in the near future, I’m still in tweaking mode so don’t expect any videos till about July!

For now, I leave you with these pretty pictures.

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I decided to try my hand at Traditional Japanese Sweet. Uiro is a type of Japanese steamed cake made of rice flour and sugar. It is similar to mochi.

Originally I wanted to do a Japanese style Tea Party for some friends, but things fell through and it didn’t happen (sad face). But do look forward to pictures of a western style tea party that I hosted over the summer!

Adapted from Gourmet Gaming. Look for her recipe for Old Gateau. I highly enjoy her blog!

I would like to thank my cousin Sushi, her brother was excellent in my Chocopops recipe, so a round of applause for my wonderful cousins for braving my camera!

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