Meal Deal: Donburi

Another week of Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews is upon us again. Donburi is a cute restaurant in Richmond Hill that is eclectic, colourful and very very otaku. Okay, maybe not very. The restaurant does an excellent job of making you want to stay; plenty of electrical outlets, Anime on all the TV’s and the servers don’t give you looks so that you’ll leave soon. I suppose you can kind of call it an Izakaya, but I’m not positive about that at all.


505 Highway 7 East
Unit 93-95
L3T 7T1

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We are Back!

Hello everyone! Curiosity to the Oven is back on track with a brand new site. Welcome to!

Introducing a new schedule, every other week I’m going to do Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews, where you get to hear about all the restaurants I’ve visited.

Quick shout out to my awesome friend at for my new banner! My very talented friend is available for freelance design work!

Stay tuned for this Wednesday’s reveal!


Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!

A new year is upon us! Since I’ve been a terrible blogger, one of my new year’s resolution is to post much more frequently.

However, real life gets to you (sadly), so there’s going to be a change in my posting schedule.

Every other week will be recipe week. In between, I will try to fill the gaps with reviews of what I’ve eaten and where I ate it.

Hopefully you’ll continue to support Curiosity in 2014! I wish all of you success and happiness this year!


It has been crazy at the Curiosity household. Basically were purging for new and (hopefully) wonderful new things. Not quite a renovation, but not quite liveable either. It’s going to be another little while before Curiosity can post anything. Sorry!!