Apple Sauce Cinnamon Loaf

Hello lovely readers!

I can smell spring in the air, can you? At my house, not only is spring in the air, but so is the scent of apples and cinnamon. With Curiosity to the Oven’s anniversary looming, I thought I’d kick it into high gear and churn out some new recipes.

I’ve been having some health issues (nothing serious, no worries here), so I’ve been put on a semi strict diet (boohoo), so I haven’t been able to eat desserts and pastries (oh my aching heart stomach), so look forward to some sketchy healthier sounding recipes to come.

But today is not one of those days, today is one of those full butter, white flour, and oh my goodness sugar sort of days.

At the Curiosity house, we are constantly on the run, so breakfast is missed most of the time. So one Sunday night I was making Banana Bread and the little brother walks in and goes “That smells great, leave me some for breakfast tomorrow,” and there was the answer to our breakfast problems. It probably isn’t the healthiest breakfast, lets be serious, but I at least know that we’re eating something.

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