Winterlicious: Soco Kitchen + Bar

Hello Everyone! I have clearly broken my new year’s resolution already… seeing as how I haven’t come up with a post (Meal Deal, Recipe, etc.) in AGES! But…HAVE NO FEAR! I’ll post today and tomorrow to make up for all the posts that I have missed!

So I did several Winterlicious restaurants, which I know is waaay too late now for anyone to try… maybe for Summerlicious?

Anyway, onwards to this post shall we?

Soco Kitchen + Bar
75 Lower Simcoe St.
M5J 3A6

Now before we get the ball rolling, I have something to confess. I was crazy impressed by them during the Mac & Cheese Fest last year, so I had high expectations for the restaurant. So this may not be the most… objective blog post…

The first thing I thought of when I sat down was “Wow… Anthropologies meets downtown bar”… now, I’m not sure if anyone else had the same impression that I did when presented by antiquiey chairs mismatched with a beautiful modern bar.

I ordered the Mushroom Velouté ( Which is either a soup or sauce apparently). It was creamy and the mushrooms were wonderfully roasted before being turned into soup. It was so rich that I thought it could really be a meal in itself. I had to take a few breaks in between to have some water. Towards the end, it started getting a bit too salty but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My next course was the Braised Beef Cavatelli (a brief definition here!). The best to describe it is that it is… beef stew with pasta shells. It was very… mmm… okay. The sauce was really good and everything was done really well, overall it is a good dish, but after about the third bite I was looking for something new. A new texture or a new taste or a new ingredient, just something to keep it from going good to plain. Again, the portion was quite large and I found it difficult to finish.

Dessert, ah dessert. I ordered the Irish Crème Brûlée and it was quite boozy. It was overloaded by various fruit (there was a banana in there) and had a piece of shortbread hanging out. It tasted good but it felt like there was a lot going on, which wasn’t true because the berries worked out quite well.

Overall it was a normal restaurant experience. The only thing I have to say is that rather than being full because the food was that delicious, I was full because the amount of food was large. I was most definitely disappointed, but it isn’t a bad experience.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> $23/$35 for lunch and dinner respectively

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