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I’m officially free of jet lag (#VacayMayday indeed ) and am back to my regular pattern of “ugh work” and “Rawr sleep” and “Mmm fooooood”. So lets get this ball rolling!

In conjunction with Curiosity’s anniversary (which was actually yesterday), I am filming a review of Vacay Mayday to Norway and will have that up today/tonight. But here, have this mini review for now.

Bardus Bistro
Cora Sandels gate 4,
9008 Tromsø,

We visited a restaurant called Bardus Bistro in Tromsø, which is a city in the north. First night eating on our own (without any of Curiosity’s relatives around) and we wandered until we found this place.

I tried Moose for the first time! It was like a steak… only tougher. But the pairing with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts (personal favourite) and cranberries was interesting… and extremely enjoyable.

The NSSSO ordered a steam fish that sat in a very rich sauce with some apples in it. On its own, it was steamed fish, but paired with the sauce it was really quite good.

Being Curiosity, I wanted to know what the desserts looked like. So I ordered a lava cake that came with ice cream and the NSSSO ordered a cheese plate (which he was not so fond of so we traded). I liked everything there and wished I could endlessly eat.

Sjøgata 29,
9008 Tromsø,

The next restaurant we tried on our own was called Aunegarden. We looked it up wanting to try some more native Norweigian food and they had popped up on the google search. Now, their website was down, so I was expecting a really adorable little restaurant and that was not what I got. The restaurant had a pretty typical lunch menu, pasta and what not. What caught our eye was the sharing plate so that’s what we ordered.
It was an electric assortment of food. Not what I was expecting at all… it was very Mediterranean and I suspected a lot of the food was made before hand because everything was stone cold. I wouldn’t say it was bad, but it wasn’t what I thought I was getting so the hopes were a bit high I guess.

Baker Hansen Stortingsgaten
Stortingsgata 20,
0161 Oslo,

We ventured into a bakery because we were bored and tired (the true travelling feels). It was clearly not meant to be a sit down, but they did have a countertop facing the street with extremely little seating, so we thought “why not”.

We tried two pastries. I loved both of them, but the NSSSO wasn’t so fond of the one that had pastry cream inside, I suspect its because he didn’t like the stickiness but meh. The raisin pastry was really excellent though (as agreed by both of us).

Opland Burger + Steak
Jernbanetorget 1,
0154 Oslo,

We ended our trip by eating at the Oestbanehallen Food Hall. We ended up trying Opland Burger & Steak. I was initially worried that (with our jeans) we would be under dressed, but when we walked in I found out that that was not a worry at all. The atmosphere of the place was very Tween punk meets contemporary restaurant. There was rainbows and rainbow coloured decorations on select walls (which was kind of awesome…).
We both ordered a burger and got a burger, nothing else. When my burger said it included a salad, they meant salad leaves inside the burger (shrug). But nevertheless, the burgers were really good, and any place that serves cookie dough smoothies has my vote.

So that was basically everything I can comment on (without the wrath of the family coming down on me). My cousins brought us around to their restaurants and another restaurant, but anything involving my relatives I’m going to shut up on (fear of the wrath). Just going to mention the restaurants’ info and call it a day.

Nodee Asian Cooking
Dinner Bar & Restaurant
Sudøst Asian Crossover

Hopefully I’ll see everyone with another Vacay Mayday adventure soon!

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