Vacay Mayday: Mt. Tremblant

Hello everyone!

Ready for another Vacay Mayday? I certainly haven’t recovered from it.

Mt. Tremblant is a beautiful beautiful place. So tranquil, peaceful, quiet… to only be ruined by the foghorn level of loudness only my teenage cousins can achieve. What possessed me to take them, and only them on this trip?! Oh right, one of them got into university and this was us celebrating.

Logically, you would assume our entire trip would consist of a lot of outdoor activity and I would have to say you guessed half right. We did do a lot of outdoor activities, but we did not leave the cottage we rented ever. Our cottage was on a privateish lake (ten other neighbours…), and has its own pier so why wouldn’t we use it fully? Basically, we swam and utilized every water related vehicle that came with the cottage… Every. Single. Day


Never leaving the cottage meant we cooked all of our own meals. We assigned cousins to breakfast and dinner duties and the NSSSO, Lil’ Bro and I handled lunch and any in between meal snacks. Overall, I have to give some kudos to those teenagers, they did pretty well. Meals were well researched and no one had diarrhea (which I count as a serious win!). Some of it was even delicious… I’m sure the pictures do it justice.

We got bored eventually though and decided to split the four kids up into two teams to try and Iron Chef style competition. Secret ingredient: Pork Tenderloin. Wow it was daunting for the kids, we gave them one hour per team to do relevant research on our only laptop connected to the wifi (which was soooo spotty) and ask the three of us questions. The process looked messy but I have to say the four of them pulled off their meals quite well.

Team one presented us with breakfast tortillas with sausage and scrambled eggs,  Sliced pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes, gravy and boiled broccoli.

Team two presented us with homemade tzatziki on crispy tortillas with red pepper, roasted pork tenderloin with a mustard rosemary rub, smashed potatoes and apples.

This trip, despite some initial regrets and worries (on both our parts and the parents), turned out quite successfully. The teens had tons of fun and I’m sure we’ll be talking about this trip for a while to come.


FYI… I haven’t recovered from this trip yet and it was three weeks ago. Mostly because I slipped on the deck and fell down four to five steps and my RMT told me I was old and my back is messed up. Go Curiously!

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