Birthday and #VacayMayday

Hello Everyone!

In all technicality, it’s past my birthday week (unless birthday week is the week after your birthday), but I’ll probably spend the rest of this week posting up pictures of what I ate during my birthday week. It’s the most active I’ve been in a while haha.
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Guess Who’s Home….

Hey Everyone!

I’ve finally made my way back home from the fast paced and humid city of Hong Kong.

So what did I do in Hong Kong exactly? Well, what does every other vacationer do when they travel? Eat, shop, rest and explore… duh.

This is week’s video includes some of the highlights of my trip… and if you’ve read this blog before, we all know that the highlight is the food. If you want to know where these places are, look under the cut.

Interested in the rest of the food I ate in Hong Kong? Then come back next week!

Now what is this surprise I promised?

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Mooncakes and Egg Rolls

Hey everyone!

What better way to spend a day in Hong Kong… then take a cake making class?

So my friend and I signed up for a “Cake Making” class through the Tourism Board of Hong Kong. The class was held at a (popular) local chinese bakery and they also provided the teachers. All of this was only $30 HKD (Which everyone thought was WAY too cheap). The cost included two mini mooncakes and 2 egg rolls.

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Hey everyone!

So as all blogs that “go on vacation” I am going to give you a weather report. It’s been hot, there has been no reprieve. I repeat: it’s hot, no reprieve.

So Hong Kong has been fantastic so far. I’ve eaten many things, and am on my way in replenishing my waning wardrobe. But what else have I been doing?

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