Meal Deal: AKA-ONI Izakaya

Hello Everyone!
A Meal Deal right before Curiosity heads off to her overseas adventure (WoOt!). So look forward to another Vacay Mayday post!

Had lunch with a friend before the NSSSO and I started our last minute packing panic (most disorganized the NSSSO and I have every been). Tried out a new Japanese Izakaya (which I’m starting to think is really just a way of saying NOT AYCE) in Scarborough. I liked it when I saw it. They went extremely contemporary, which I wasn’t expecting because the plaza is not known for outstanding… anything. Let’s just get on with the Meal Deal shall we?

AKA-ONI Izakaya
633 Silver Star Boulevard
Unit 108
Toronto, M1V

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Meal Deal: Japanese Ramen King

Hello Everyone!

This week’s Meal Deal will be full of anticipation! After all, I’ve got expectations for the Japanese Ramen King. But before all that, I want to address my absence.

Essentially (or what my Not So Significant Significant Other aka NSSSO tells me) there was something wrong with the server that we were using before (and everything has been fixed –fistpump-). So, all should be well and we should be well on our way to our regularly scheduled program.

Japanese Ramen King
3278 Midland Avenue
Unit D-106
M1V 0C9

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Meal Deal: Remezzo Italian Bistro

Hey Everyone!

Another week at Curiosity to the Oven! My NSSSO decided that date night was imperative, mostly because I’ve been stressed and overworked. And I may or may not have mentioned that we haven’t had a date night in a while… oh yes passive aggressive comments (Go Me!). So, he dressed up (his version of dressing up), told me my work clothes were fine and drove me to a restaurant I had never heard of.

We arrived at a plaza in Scarborough and I looked around. It’s usually strange that he discovers restaurants (it’s usually me), and it’s strange that it’s out of York Region (because we are lazy and travelling south always feels too far). But I’m generally game for anything (that actually means that I’m terrible when it comes to surprises and I ask so many questions that a lot of people give up and just tell me).

Remezzo wasn’t much to look at. I definitely stood in front of it and went “hmmmm” before I walked in. It is so quaint on the inside. The restaurant was on the dark side, but it had all this wallpaper that I imagine would exist in a British Grandma’s(because Netflix is never a good indicator of what British lifestyle is…) house. Despite that, it was very “Old Boys Club” with the wood trim and the low lighting. I almost expected someone to take out a cigar. Remezzo is also extremely spacious. None of the tables were so close that the backs of chairs touched, and you didn’t have to try to flatten your stomach to walk between tables. That remains amazing to me.

Remezzo Italian Bistro
3335 Sheppard Ave.
Scarborough, M1T 3K2

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