Winterlicious: Soco Kitchen + Bar

Hello Everyone! I have clearly broken my new year’s resolution already… seeing as how I haven’t come up with a post (Meal Deal, Recipe, etc.) in AGES! But…HAVE NO FEAR! I’ll post today and tomorrow to make up for all the posts that I have missed!

So I did several Winterlicious restaurants, which I know is waaay too late now for anyone to try… maybe for Summerlicious?

Anyway, onwards to this post shall we?

Soco Kitchen + Bar
75 Lower Simcoe St.
M5J 3A6

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Meal Deal: Japanese Ramen King

Hello Everyone!

This week’s Meal Deal will be full of anticipation! After all, I’ve got expectations for the Japanese Ramen King. But before all that, I want to address my absence.

Essentially (or what my Not So Significant Significant Other aka NSSSO tells me) there was something wrong with the server that we were using before (and everything has been fixed –fistpump-). So, all should be well and we should be well on our way to our regularly scheduled program.

Japanese Ramen King
3278 Midland Avenue
Unit D-106
M1V 0C9

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Meal Deal: Novita Italian Cuisine

Hey Everyone!
I know I’m late this week, RL got intense for me and well… better late than never. Since it’s been hectic around here, I’m going to give a quick meal deal review and start packing for my long weekend away (WOOT #labourday!)

Novita Italian Cuisine
25 Cochrane Dr.
L3R 9S1

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Meal Deal: Sweet Esc

Hello Everyone!

I’m not really sure how to start these anymore. Maybe life has got me and I’m feeling down. Maybe my shoulder is killing me for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps I’m just a whiner to begin with. Whatever the reason, I feel like this maybe one of my less interesting blog entries.

MOVING ON! I recently visited a dessert place by the name of Sweet Esc. Cute.

30 Gibson Dr.
Unit 120
L3R 8B5

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Meal Deal: Sweet Note

Curiosity recently discovered a lovely little dessert place in Richmond Hill by the name of Sweet Note. The selection was quite limited but the atmosphere and the food made up for it in spades. But the soufflé was quite lovely.

Sweet Note
Commerce Gate
Unit 61-63
505 Highway 7 East
L3T 7T1

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