Meal Deal: Summerlicious 2018

Hello Everyone!

Another year, another Summerlicious (is it really worth it in the end?). But, nevertheless, tradition states that my girlfriends and I join in merriment annually. So yes, that is what we do.

This time around, we were all crazy busy and left it to chance and chance said that we would try out Oretta. Oretta, located on King St. W, is an eclectic, 1920’s inspired looking restaurant. Beautiful high ceilings, reminiscent of cathedrals and a decidedly Gatsbyesque decoration, I was instantly delighted to take pictures. I can tell you I wasn’t the only one. We sat down, and took a quick look at the menu before deciding to share all the apps. Best. Decision. Ever.

633 King St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5

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Meal Deal: Game of Cheese

Hey Everyone!

Trying to get back into the regular posting business here, so let’s see how long I can hold on before I forget or RL gets the better of me.

The NSSSO and I went to a new restaurant in Commerce Gate in Markham. I’ve driven by it a couple of times before it was open and I had wondered what it would be. Well, obviously they would serve cheese, but to what extent? In what way? Could I also buy cheese there? The questions were numerous and I couldn’t wait for them to be answered.

Game of Cheese
505 Highway 7
L3T 7T1
Game of Cheese

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Meal Deal: PIE

Hello everyone!

Labour Day threw me off again! I’m so bad with long weekends, it’s like I lose track of time completely. I went to Meaford for Labour Day, so this week’s Meal Deal is in Collingwood.

My Labour Day weekend was spent at the cottage (last weekend to go…!) and I enjoyed some beach and backyard fun. To round off my weekend, we visited a … pizzeria? We had pizza and it pretty much looked like a pizzeria… so I’m going to assume it was a pizzeria.

499 First St.

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Meal Deal: Novita Italian Cuisine

Hey Everyone!
I know I’m late this week, RL got intense for me and well… better late than never. Since it’s been hectic around here, I’m going to give a quick meal deal review and start packing for my long weekend away (WOOT #labourday!)

Novita Italian Cuisine
25 Cochrane Dr.
L3R 9S1

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Sense Izakaya

Happy New Year everyone! I’m almost a month late with my New Year post, but I hope no one minds.

I visited a brand new restaurant to start my first post for a brand new year. When I visited Sense a couple of days after it opened, completely by accident. Living close to First Markham Place often means that we eat there quite often. A new restaurant opening in FMP (to me) is always an exciting event.



Sense Izakaya
3255 Highway 7
Markham, L3R 3P9

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