NSSSO, Happy Birthday~

Hello Everyone!

Curiosity is back with an absurdly short update (at least I think it will be as I start writing this haha).

So, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen signs of me moving… and I may have mentioned it in a previous post (I most definitely did)  that the NSSSO and I are moving in together. I’m happy to announce that it’s becoming a reality!

It’s been insane over here at the Curiosity household (or the soon to be old household). Between dealing with the Lil Bro and packing up our lives, there’s been very little time to think about Curiosity’s progression.

The NSSSO has been wonderfully calm through this entire adventure and I have to say a giant thank you to him. THANK YOU!!

For his birthday, he wanted to stay in but I wanted an extravagant meal, so we compromised. I made a seven course meal at home. I thought I would be overachieving, but hey, what’s having fun in the kitchen without some ambition?

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2017 – what a year so far

Hey Everyone!

I know I know, I’ve been MIA for almost a year now and I’m not proud of it. RL got out of control really quickly after that post. I’ve spent most of 2016 renovating/updating my home and I never realized how much work that was (just painting the entire house took forever).

Now that my kitchen went from this…


…to this.

You might be thinking “Oh, so videos will happen again?” well… you are most certainly wrong. We’re looking to move (yay). The NSSSO and I are looking to move (hopefully) soon and we’ve been given strict instructions not to touch anything to ruin the perfection that is staging. So no… no new videos anytime soon (which gives me time to research what I want to make anyway…). But I’ll try my best to post more Meal Deals in the meantime.

This was a pretty short update… soooo I guess that’s all folks! #badblogger

Comfort Is Where Your Food Is

Hello everybody!

A little late this week, but meh –shrug- things happen.

Real Life has been kind of tough lately and all I want is to crawl into bed and eat cookies… and other things.
I normally don’t associate cookies with being comfort food for me… in fact, food doesn’t bring as much comfort to me as baking does, but occasionally… certain foods do hit a spot.

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