Meal Deal: Night It Up!

Hello everyone!

If y’all (I really wanted to use that word haha) checked out my instagram over the weekend, you’ll know that I went to Night It Up!. Now, what is Night it Up!? Essentially, it’s a night market, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s a food-filled, fun-filled night market, packed with people, stalls, food trucks and performances.
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Hello Everyone!

An early happy Moon Festival to all that celebrate! In light of the season, today’s recipe is Moon Cakes!

I’ve always assumed that it would be terribly difficult to make one of these cakes. There are of course a lot of different styles now and different tastes and flavours. The ones that I had were always vegetarian friendly because my dad is a vegetarian. I once asked him what the difference was, he told me that vegetarian moon cakes did not use pig fat when they made it and I’ve always been grossed out by the idea of non-vegetarian moon cakes (because my 7-year-old brain said that pig fat is gross).

My mom and I were the only fans of moon cakes in my house, she liked the salted egg yolk and I loved the sweet lotus paste. We used to finish dinner and my mom would break out the moon cake. She’d cut it into quarters. She’d dig out the egg yolk and leave me with the lotus paste and we would make faces at each other while eating our moon cakes. My mom always told me that one quarter a day was plenty, because moon cakes are very fattening (because a 10-year-old girl totally cares).

I never could wrap my head around the myth associated with the Moon Festival. There’s a woman in the moon? She has a bunny? But why is there a man? Oh, who knows…

I like to think that my recipe is not overly traditional… only because we spent a week experimenting on the best flavours. So…

Here’s my Moon Cake recipe for everyone who wants to eat moon cakes without figuring out the myth(s).

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Meal Deal: Sweet Esc

Hello Everyone!

I’m not really sure how to start these anymore. Maybe life has got me and I’m feeling down. Maybe my shoulder is killing me for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps I’m just a whiner to begin with. Whatever the reason, I feel like this maybe one of my less interesting blog entries.

MOVING ON! I recently visited a dessert place by the name of Sweet Esc. Cute.

30 Gibson Dr.
Unit 120
L3R 8B5

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Sweetery Toronto

Hey Everyone!
My NSSSO(Not So Significant Significant Other) reminded me this morning that I forgot to post this Wednesday (oops).

I went to Sweetery Toronto this past weekend and it was an interesting experience. First of all, their Social Media game was weak (I’ve never said that before… -weirdsmileyface-). They weren’t getting back to people on facebook and there were a lot of questions. I expected it to be a larger festival, but it was really small. The festival was in a small parking lot and I expected a lot more out of it than what I got.

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Meal Deal: Sweet Note

Curiosity recently discovered a lovely little dessert place in Richmond Hill by the name of Sweet Note. The selection was quite limited but the atmosphere and the food made up for it in spades. But the soufflé was quite lovely.

Sweet Note
Commerce Gate
Unit 61-63
505 Highway 7 East
L3T 7T1

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