Summerlicious 2015: Bier Markt

Hey Everyone!

Two out of Two ladies and gentlemen! I had a mini reunion with my University friends and well, Summerlicious kind of happened with it. After much debate, we settled on Bier Markt, located in Shops of Don Mills. Seeing as how none of us have ever visited this lovely shopping establishment, we got lost quite quickly (of course). But nevertheless! We forged ahead (and got very distracted by shopping along the way).

Bier Markt is located among other restaurants, which lets patrons decide what to eat (I guess). I quite enjoyed Bier Markt’s interior. It was very eclectic, a good mix of bar and restaurant. I also assume they have a lovely patio, as I could only see it and not sit in the beautiful blinding sunshine.

Bier Markt
7 O’Neill Road
M3C 0H2
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