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My NSSSO(Not So Significant Significant Other) reminded me this morning that I forgot to post this Wednesday (oops).

I went to Sweetery Toronto this past weekend and it was an interesting experience. First of all, their Social Media game was weak (I’ve never said that before… -weirdsmileyface-). They weren’t getting back to people on facebook and there were a lot of questions. I expected it to be a larger festival, but it was really small. The festival was in a small parking lot and I expected a lot more out of it than what I got.

We got there around 2:00 PM and there were not as many people as I expected. There was an entire row that we didn’t get to try because their electricity had issues the entire time we were there. There were barely any line ups and we really only stayed for an hour. Maybe an hour and a half tops.

MasterChef Christopher Siu had a stall there and his bakeshop Daan Go was our first stop. Coming from someone who did not watch MasterChef Canada, I was not influenced nor recognized him. I loved loved loved loved loved his macarons. He had 3 flavours and the only flavour that was stuck in my head (as the BEST macaron flavour ever) was lemon coke. The flavour reminded me of my childhood. My parents used to boil cola and add lemons, and that was the only way I was allowed to have soda. It was a little melty (because of the weather), but it was still very very good. We went back and got another three before leaving the festival, and were lucky because they had run out soon after we left.

We tried something called Chimney Stax. According to the Chimney Stax Baking Co Food Truck’s website, they are based off of Eastern European street food. Unusually, we decided to get a savoury one. It felt like a soft pretzel to me (little secret: soft pretzels are one of my favourite snack foods) and it was warm and fresh. We watched people make the stax as we ordered them. Sure we waited for a bit, but really, it was about a five minute wait.

The people running the food truck were so lovely and even posed for some pictures. I was told by other people that the dessert version were more like cinnamon rolls, which I’m glad I missed because both the NSSSO and I don’t like cinnamon rolls.

Afterwards we tried one of the George Brown desserts. We tried a Lemon Meringue Dream. I wasn’t overly fond of it. The presentation (aka plate thing) needed work, only because water kept dripping over the edge of it. It took us a bit of time to figure out that the only reason it was dripping because of the condensation from the freezer. The presentation of the dessert itself was beautiful, but (because of my Asian palette) I found the entire thing very sweet. I wasn’t overly fond of the dessert at all and we didn’t try another George Brown creation.

We also tried the I Love Puffy Love marshmallows. I thought we’d be more excited about their Bacon Heaven marshmallow but sadly not as good as I would’ve thought. We got three other flavours as well, Vanilla Bean Cream, Lemon Sunshine and Mint Royale. The pieces didn’t look all that big, but they were still very very sweet. One bite and I was pretty much done. I’m sure they taste excellent, but after one bite it got way too sweet for me. Overall, I enjoyed the four bites I had.

Sweetery really was lackluster, we didn’t try many things. I understand that this was the first time Sweetery Toronto was happening, but I still expected better. Perhaps, it was because I was there much too early on a Saturday afternoon, but I found it small and lacking in variety. A lot of people served similar things, I saw crepe cakes everywhere I turned and it was unappealing, but that’s not something Sweetery can change, that is just the state of the dessert trend in Toronto.

Let’s end on a high note. Here have this picture:

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