Summerlicious 2015: Wish

Hey Everyone!

Two for one this week (because I’ve been a bad person and forgot to blog last week… darn RL getting away from me).

This one is my Summerlicious meal at Wish. It was a lovely little restaurant (doors to the bathroom misled me into thinking that it was larger). I definitely scoured their website prior to going to check out the restaurant and it was more charming than their website lead me to believe.

3 Charles St. E
M4Y 1R9

I started off with a Salad made up of organic baby kale, grilled sweet potato, chickpeas, apples, red pepper and curried apple butter vinaigrette. It was a pretty typical salad. I really enjoyed the chickpeas and the curry vinaigrette though. I never remember chickpeas are excellent for you, so I rarely think of putting them in any of my salads… must fix that. The entire salad was kind of warm (which I like, because I’m not overly fond of cold food) and I didn’t find the salad spicy at all.

My next course was the mussels and frites. The mussels were in a white wine leek, shallot and tomato garlic broth. I did wish it was hotter and that I was provided with a spoon, because I loved the broth it was in. Unanimous (between my dining companions, who also ordered the mussels, and I) the broth was perfect. If they gave us a spoon, we would’ve just treated it as a soup and drank the whole thing. The mussels were all cooked (which is always a miracle) and I loved the fries. Arguable the best fries I’ve ever had, they were skinny and crispy and not too salty at all.

I chose the apple cinnamon divine rich butter cake for my dessert. It came with an apple and cinnamon, apricot glaze. It was moist and appley (duh) with an excellent amount of cinnamon (for me anyways). Overall, I found it to be an excellent little pie.

I would love to come back to wish. It’s all beige and neutral and (I suppose hipster) wonderfully quaint. Their brunch menu looked quite reasonable… and I would travel downtown to have brunch at Wish. I really really would.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service

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