Summerlicious 1.2

Hello everyone!!! The 2nd part of my review is under the cut and on its way!


I ordered the Two-Way Beef, Wood Grilled Petite Filet & Slow Roasted Brisket w/ Baked Mac & Cheese. The presentation was quite pretty (pictured above), but when you take a closer look and realize just how petite the filet was, it became underwhelming. When asked, I said that I would like the beef to be cooked Medium Rare, and instead the beef came to me Medium Well. The brisket felt dry to me, and no matter how lovely the sauce was, it just did not make up for the dryness and the overdone (to me) of both meats. The Mac & Cheese looked wonderful, but it lacked flavour. I enjoyed the bread crumbs thoroughly, but I believe that it lacked cheese.

All in all I was under impressed with this dish.


My dining partner had the Wood Grilled New York Strip Steak w/ Duck Fat Fries & Vegetables. He ordered his steak Medium Well, and instead received it Well Done. It was apparently difficult to chew. The basket for the fries looked as if there were a lot, but he later discovered that there was something propping the fires up so there was actually less than what he thought.


For dessert (the most important dish right?) I had the Gluten Free Almond Cake. I’ve heard that eating gluten free usually meant terrible desserts, so I just had to try it for myself. The very first bite of the cake was a little bitter, in which I assumed they used dark chocolate to make it. The second bite was much too sweet and I had a hard time finishing the entire cake because it just became increasingly sweeter.


My dining partner had the Fresh Fruit Ice. He enjoyed it very much, and I was told that it was really quite refreshing. Rather than the texture of ice cream, it felt more like a sherbert or a sorbet. The lemon flavoured one was the most refreshing and (when I stole a taste) arguably my favourite out of all of them.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, mostly due to the split level of the restaurant. It amused me a lot. For $35 it was really hit and miss. We enjoyed the apps and the Fresh Fruit Ice more than we enjoyed our main course. Perhaps it was an off day at the kitchen, but some of my food also arrived a little cold. If pressed, it would not be on my top ten list of places I would want to eat at again.

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