Snacks for an All-Nighter

Hey Everyone!

Another week of Curiosity begins, but sadly there’s no recipe or meal deal this week…
Curiosity is back in school! So this week, I’m going to share my favourite snacks to eat while I’m putting together my 10 page 20% of my grade Communication Plan.

I’d list them as Top 10, but that just seems ridiculous… seeing as how I’ll never be able to rank them anyways. So in NO PARTICULAR ORDER here they are! (P.S. None of the pictures will be what I’m eating tonight…)

1) Cheese and Crackers

I don’t know why… maybe because it feels easy and classy all at the same time, but having cheese and crackers nearby does help the process. It just seems to… flow better. It is a little hard to eat something that makes my “you’re getting fat!” alert going when it’s midnight, but I feel like school related snacking just doesn’t count.

2) Fruit

This is a perpetual favourite of mine, only because I have fond memories of burning the midnight oil and my dad popping out from behind my closet door with a plate of finger size fruit… and a lecture about sleeping early and what having late nights would do to my skin. Ah, how I don’t miss that lecture, although it did put a crap ton of fear in my when I thought my skin was going to be terrible because I don’t sleep early enough. Heads up, sleeping earlier now, and skin is doing a bit better.

3) Hot Sandwich

Specifically, my brother’s hot sandwiches. Not that I know what’s in it ever, but yelling for him to make me a snack at 11:00 PM always yields sandwiches. The ease of eating it one handed while highlighting relevant passages always feel great, and maybe it’s just me, but hot food is always fantastic. Especially when I’m working on a project.

4) Chinese Buns/Bread

To go with the Hot Sandwich entry, I like my carbs a lot. I can live off of just carbs if I had to. So naturally, while I’m working away, I’m also munching away at bread and that I find is the best way to stay focused (except for when I start chasing crumbs and realize that that’s an excuse to take a break)

5) Chocolate/Candy

I suspect the reason for this one is because after I’m awake for a good 15-16 hours, Tea no longer cuts it (I’m Caffeine Intolerant for the most part, so I’ll never feel the euphoria that is Coffee during an all-nighter –sadface-). I prefer the sugar anyway, it’s always kept me awake better than any caffeinated soft drink anyways.

So those are the foods I eat while I work, I’m going to have to drop by the grocery store to pick up some staples… and some more tea… definitely tea. Maybe I’ll even get my dad to teach me his secret formula for helping me stay up all night.

Let me know what you eat while you’re working away at night!

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