Peppermint Tree Bark

Peppermint Tree Bark

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the first post of the Curiosity to the Oven X J:ETUDE collaboration!!


Today, we have a recipe for peppermint tree bark. So what is Peppermint tree bark? Well, it’s chocolate and crushed candy canes… so yes, perfectly safe to eat.

The trick to melting white chocolate is to be VERY CAREFUL with the heat. If the heat is on too high, the chocolate will clump, so it is always better to work with a lower temperature rather than trying to speed up the process by turning up the heat.

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Peppermint Tree Bark

4 oz. Dark Chocolate
3 oz. White Chocolate
8 Small Candy Canes.

1 Baking sheet/pan/dish
Double Boiler

1) Line a baking sheet/pan/dish with foil.
2) Unwrap the candy canes and throw them into a food processor. Crush them as fine as possible.
(You may need to crush it further with a rolling pin. Put down a towel, line it with cling wrap, pour the candy cane powder onto the sheet, cover with more cling wrap, roll the rolling pin over it a couple of times.)

3) Melt the dark chocolate in the double boiler. After it is completely melted, pour the chocolate into the sheet/pan/dish and spread. Make sure it isn’t too thin.

4) Put into the fridge to wait for the white chocolate.

5) Make sure the double boiler has cooled down, or turn the heat down, before melting the white chocolate.
6) Once you have melted the white chocolate mix in the crushed candy canes.
7) take the dark chocolate out of the fridge, spread the white chocolate mixture on top.
8) Refrigerate for an hour- overnight.

9) After it has set, take it out and break into little pieces.

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