Meal Deal: Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

Hello Everyone!

I completely forgot about this week being a short week and Thanksgiving threw me off completely! I hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Another Meal Deal again, this time I spent a little time in a Creperie & Dessert House… and yes, I loved every second of it.


Pastel Creperie & Dessert House
5417 Yonge St.
Toronto, ONT
M2N 5R6

The interior of Pastel Creperie & Dessert House was, as expected, quite small. But what it lacked in size, it made up with charm.

I have to admit, I can’t remember the Smoked Salmon crepe that I had. This is because my cousin’s Ham crepe was much better. The ham had a really creamy sauce that made the ham creamy as well. The crepe was perfectly done, not at all chewy but nowhere close to being soggy because of the sauce. Supposedly there was spinach in the crepe but I didn’t find it at all. Perhaps I was too distracted by the amazingness of the ham. The Salad that came with the meal had a very sour taste to it, but paired with the nutty greens it blended quite well.

One of my dining companions had the Nuts Waffle, which featured almonds, walnuts, pecans, cereal, and cappuccino almond ice cream. According to him, the entire dessert was delicious. The ice cream was very rich and the waffles were cooked just right, having just a bit of a crunch to balance out the softness of everything else. They were very generous with the toppings and he wasn’t expecting quite as many nuts as he found in his dessert.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service

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