Mooncakes and Egg Rolls

Hey everyone!

What better way to spend a day in Hong Kong… then take a cake making class?

So my friend and I signed up for a “Cake Making” class through the Tourism Board of Hong Kong. The class was held at a (popular) local chinese bakery and they also provided the teachers. All of this was only $30 HKD (Which everyone thought was WAY too cheap). The cost included two mini mooncakes and 2 egg rolls.

So first of all, my friend and I met up at a mutual subway stop and made our way to Tsim Sha Tsui. Despite checking to make sure we had the address and google map, we still managed to get lost for a good 15 minutes. We stopped two policemen to ask for direction and they directed us to the way we cake from. Thank You Policemen!

Eventually, we found our way and was only five minutes late (yay us!). The class was comprised of all tourists. There was a German family, a Japanese couple and us. We had 2 teachers and a translator, and all 10 of us was situated in (only in my perspective) the Smallest Hall I’ve ever been in, There was enough room for us, one long table and two mini ovens.

The mooncakes were surprisingly easy to make. Granted, I didn’t have to put the ingredients together, I just made it into a ball. I didn;t even need to put them into the oven. SO what did I do? I put the actual mini mooncake together (which included smushing the interior into a flat piece of dough… it looks better than it sounds I swear), shoved it into the mold and whacked it until it came out. After, I handed the mini mooncake to 1 of the teachers, who placed it in the oven for me.

Afterwards, we moved onto making egg rolls. Te only step they allowed us, was to cook and roll the egg rolls. Surprisngly hard… and well, the first time was kind of pathetic. We had this special press that was really heavy and we weren’t really allowed to touch. We pressed the dough flat before rolling… it was tons of fun. Would love to get my hands on one.

All of this took about 1 hour. I’m not entirely sure how it took an hour, but it did. At the end of the class, they handed out recipes for the mini mooncakes and egg rolls. So will you be seeing mooncakes and egg rolls on Curiosity to the Oven?

We’ll see now won’t we.

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  • Winnie

    July 29, 2012 at 2:46 am Reply

    Hahaha, that’s pretty much only tourists would do. But I’m so looking forward to see you going the whole 9 yards on your channel 🙂

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