Meal Deal: Moji Japanese Eatery

Hey Everyone!

First Meal Deal of the year (party!) and I’m looking forward to sharing my 2016 meals.

(sorry it is so late… I’ve been terribly sick)

I visited a new Japanese restaurant in Markham. The NSSSO and I walked into it on December 23rd and were told that they weren’t open till December 24th. We most definitely looked at each other and said huh to each other. So we came back again the first week of January.

Moji is a cute little restaurant. The place gives off a mismatched feel which makes things feel eclectic, Curiosity likes eclectic. I enjoyed he atmosphere quite a bit indeed.

Moji Japanese Eatery
8362 Kennedy Road
Suite U A6
L3R 9W5

We had the Cold Tofu first and it was pretty much as expected. I thought it may have been silk tofu but it wasn’t, which is fine for me. We wished that the sauce was stronger, but again, it was fine. I don’t really think there’s much that can be done with cold tofu so no real opinions there.

We also ordered the Wasabi Takoyaki. We thought that it was quite firm, but biting through it proved that it wasn’t as firm as we thought. The takoyaki itself was quite standard so yay for us! The wasabi sauce wasn’t really… what we expected. The sauce was a very typical mayo sauce that comes with takoyaki. The wasabi taste, not really there.

I had the California Donburi (rice bowl). Basically, it was a deconstructed California roll in rice bowl form. Everything was quite well put together. What we did think was that it could’ve used some soy sauce and wasabi, seriously making it a deconstructed California roll. Maybe it is what we are used to or maybe it really was necessary… I have no idea how to gauge that. The rice was hot and it only got progressively hotter as I ate, so kudos to the insulation of the bowl.

The NSSSO had the Dry Curry Udon. He felt that it came fully loaded. The curry wasn’t spicy at all (even for our unrefined spice palates), to the point where we felt that there was not kick to it at all. Sweet curry is excellent though. The chicken was, apparently, not overcooked, but it was cut into very tiny pieces, which made things a bit difficult to find (wow this sentences has too many commas). The potatoes ended up being mushy so were chalking it up to either cooked too long or wrong type of potato.

We decided to go for broke and try dessert as well! We ordered a parfait and the only thing I can think of to describe it is… unexpected. All of their desserts featured matcha (and I am not a fan of matcha sadly). So I will not make any comments on the flavour. The soft serve ice cream was kind of grainy and icy and didn’t really taste like matcha. The parfait made us feel as if we were treasure hunting, every bite was something new and unexpected. We didn’t feel that many of the sweets found in the parfait should’ve been there, but to each their own I suppose.

To end off, we felt that the service really needed work. No one cleared our table ever, so the appetizer plates were still there while we were finishing dessert. We were told after we ordered our food that we could order drinks and turn the meal into a combo, but no one ever came back to help us with that process, nor did they come by to refill our cups. I want to say perhaps they were busy, but there were maybe two to three other tables around us so….

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price $10 or less (per person)

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  • Tiffany K

    May 28, 2016 at 7:49 pm Reply

    Just had dinner at moji and agree with everything mentioned. Good portions, service needs improvement.

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