Meal Deal: Tsuki Izakaya

Hey everyone! Curiosity is back and introducing Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews! This is where I give you the deal on a meal I had (I know I know, punny, I promise that’s the last time I say that). So I tried out an Izakaya recently and enjoyed some of their dishes. An Izakaya is essentially a Japanese style bar with Japanese style bar food.


Tsuki Izakaya
135 York Blvd.
Richmond Hill
L4B 3B4


If there were no TV’s, I would’ve thought that I had travelled back in time to perhaps Edo Japan. They tried to keep the decor very traditional Japanese, with a lot of wood. We were greeted with complimentary soumen, which was cute and warm… perfect for a chilly day.

My companion and I ordered a bunch of side dishes and tried to try a little of everything.

Croquettes were fried really well, there were other veggies other than potatoes but I didn’t taste any of it. You can see them but all you taste is potato. A little sad about that.

Ebi (shrimp) was nothing really special. They were kind of like the ones you find in supermarkets that you could bake yourself.

Takoyaki is (for Curiosity) a sign of how good a Japanese – style restaurant is. There were more than one piece of tako (octopus) in the ball when I tried it. The exterior melted away the second I put it in my mouth. The taste was typical, but small enough to pop them in my mouth like popcorn. For me that’s at least B+, excellent snack.

Oysters were not at all fishy, so kudos to them. The sauce that it comes with was overpowered by the taste of the oysters, so I basically found no purpose for it.

Nabe Oden
Nabe Oden came in a stone pot that was crazy hot (as I should have expected…), and it was still boiling when it landed on our table. I think it was a miso soup base, but I really couldn’t tell. The daikon was not as soft as I wanted it to be, but the second slice I had was much better. Nice and soft. The egg was perfect in my books, slightly raw in the middle. The fish cake was a tad too spicy for me so that was a surprise I introduced to my mouth and the konyaku… was a wobbly piece of jelly. Some of the pieces in the oden melted in my mouth before I could really taste it unfortunately.

Nothing in the menu really popped out at me sadly. I don’t think I would go and visit Tsuki Izakaya again anytime soon.

-> Food
1 Star -> Plating
3 Stars -> Decor
2.5 stars -> Service

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