Meal Deal: Sweet Note

Curiosity recently discovered a lovely little dessert place in Richmond Hill by the name of Sweet Note. The selection was quite limited but the atmosphere and the food made up for it in spades. But the soufflé was quite lovely.

Sweet Note
Commerce Gate
Unit 61-63
505 Highway 7 East
L3T 7T1

Sweet Note is a lovely little dessert place, the colour scheme sticking to white, orange and turquoise. Keeping the decor very minimalistic, Sweet Note highlights its cute desserts instead of overloading your eyes with colour.

I ordered a Sweet Pear-ing tea and it smelled like fall. It came with an hourglass to time the steeping of the tea, I had to double the steep time because it had achieved a lovely tea colour, but no flavour whatsoever. The tea tasted like apples and asian pears, which is always a welcoming flavour to my taste buds, as the remind me of my childhood, and the asian pear soups my parents made.

I got a vanilla soufflé with the raspberry sauce – a taste of their new sauce – as well as the peach. The soufflé was very light, and it was so soft. The raspberry sauce complimented the delicate soufflé quite nicely, it being both sweet and tart. The peach sauce – to borrow a wine term – quite full bodied I suppose. It didn’t have the same tartness as the raspberry sauce, but the sweetness paired quite deliciously with the vanilla of the soufflé.

My companion had the Baked Alaska. The ice cream inside was a hazelnut ice cream – my companion thought it could use some real nuts in the ice cream -, and the meringue was made very well and the appearance of the Baked Alaska was very cute. The only criticism that my companion had was that the dish didn’t match it’s price. It is true that the Baked Alaska was quite dainty, but I thought that – given the amount of work goes into one – if the ice cream was made in house, then it was worth the price.

Overall, I might have fallen in love with Sweet Note just a little bit. The very first time I visited this establishment, a waitress with a bit of an attitude problem was running the room, but this time around, I think I might have met the owner. At the very least, the chef behind the food. She was so nice and extremely sweet. The image I was left behind was that I wanted to befriend this woman and eat everything she ever made. Perhaps I may visit more often.

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