Meal Deal: Sweet Esc

Hello Everyone!

I’m not really sure how to start these anymore. Maybe life has got me and I’m feeling down. Maybe my shoulder is killing me for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps I’m just a whiner to begin with. Whatever the reason, I feel like this maybe one of my less interesting blog entries.

MOVING ON! I recently visited a dessert place by the name of Sweet Esc. Cute.

30 Gibson Dr.
Unit 120
L3R 8B5

The inside of this place is quite small. I expected it to be small, but it was really quite small. I loved the interior and it felt quite urbane. Small business (clearly), but they really didn’t have enough people manning the front. There was one waitress that seemed like she had a hard time keeping on top of everything.

We tried a Build Your Own Waffle Plate and it was awesome! We got vanilla sauce, earl grey ice cream (made in house) and fresh fruit. The dessert came out on a hot plate to ensure warm waffles and when we poured the sauce over top, it sizzled and made both awesome sounds and smells. The waffles remained both crunchy and fluffy through the entire meal. The earl grey ice cream was good (earl grey is a weakness of mine #sorrynotsorry), but it felt like it could use some work. The flavor got lost pretty quickly –sadface-, after a few bites, it was kind of like hmmm cold… and that was kind of it.

I had the Lime Tartlet. It was really very pretty and I couldn’t bring myself to cut it. My ever so helpful NSSSO (Not So Significant Significant Other) just stuck a fork into it and cut it in half for me. I enjoyed the lime curd, but I did wish that it was tarter. I’m one of those people that think that if I’m going to have lime I want it to almost suck my face in (like the commercials!), so it wasn’t tart enough for me. I was impressed that the crust stayed solid, as a lot of tarts I’ve tried tend to crumble when you stick a fork into it.

They also had a section for Thick Toast. Thick Toast is a favoured childhood snack and I wanted to see what they were going to do with it. We ordered the Honey and Milk TM (Toast Mountain) and we were not disappointed. The only way I could describe it is essentially Hong Kong Style Thick Toast Gone Ballistic! It was deliciously buttery and wonderfully honeyed. It came with a (I assume) French vanilla ice cream and on top of that was a little mountain of honey. Everything was very balanced and I miss it already.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this little dessert place. It surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as it is.


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