Meal Deal: Summerlicious 2018

Hello Everyone!

Another year, another Summerlicious (is it really worth it in the end?). But, nevertheless, tradition states that my girlfriends and I join in merriment annually. So yes, that is what we do.

This time around, we were all crazy busy and left it to chance and chance said that we would try out Oretta. Oretta, located on King St. W, is an eclectic, 1920’s inspired looking restaurant. Beautiful high ceilings, reminiscent of cathedrals and a decidedly Gatsbyesque decoration, I was instantly delighted to take pictures. I can tell you I wasn’t the only one. We sat down, and took a quick look at the menu before deciding to share all the apps. Best. Decision. Ever.

633 King St. W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5

The three apps we got were the Insalata, Burrata and Carpaccio di Manzo. They are all beautiful apps and I am hard-pressed to choose which one I liked best. Haha, that’s a lie. I definitely liked the carpaccio best, then the burrata then the insalata. The carpaccio was very fresh and the parmesan and mushrooms were excellent compliments. At the price of sounding pretentious, I’ve had better burrata in Toronto before. I loved the tomatoes and the tomato chip though, that was brilliant. Not going to lie. The insalata was fresh, no lie, but I’m not a fan of kale so it’s hard to say.

I ordered a Conchiglie con pistachio. Conchiglie is shell shaped pasta. The pasta itself was on the very edge of al dente, which was a little… mmm. My friends and I were like… well it is just flour… so I chanced it. Other than that, the dish itself was really good. I had one or two pieces of pistachio that I couldn’t chew through, but other than that it was okay. The sauce was creamy and the texture was not bad either. Do I regret not going for the calamari? A tiny bit.

Afterwards, I picked the Coppa alle Gragole for dessert, which is a lemon sorbet with vermouth macerated fresh strawberries and basil. While delicious, the scoops were quite generous and I honestly couldn’t finish both scoops. I found that it got sweeter as I went and I almost wished that there was more tartness to the dessert.

Overall, I would love to visit Oretta again for a normal meal, but this was a $28 lunch… I’m a little scared to see how expensive their usual menu is. Also, our server was not the greatest, she definitely forgot about us a lot and was a little on the rude side. On the other hand… she uniform had flamingos all over it and reminded me of pyjamas.

Food ->
Plating ->
Décor ->
Service ->
Price -> -> Price $20 – $30 per person

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