Meal Deal: Novita Italian Cuisine

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I know I’m late this week, RL got intense for me and well… better late than never. Since it’s been hectic around here, I’m going to give a quick meal deal review and start packing for my long weekend away (WOOT #labourday!)

Novita Italian Cuisine
25 Cochrane Dr.
L3R 9S1

The only way for me to try to describe the décor of the restaurant would by quietly modern. Heavy use on wood (which adds a rustic feel to everything) and murals and tiles all over the walls (I’m not very descriptive am I?). They brought out bread with oil and vinegar.

I ordered the Pollo Capelli D’Angelo, which is angel hair pasta with chicken and a rose sauce. The entire table (the NSSSO (Not So Significant Significant Other) and my Brother) found that the rose sauce was excellent. The chicken was quite tender (always a good sign) and the sundried tomatoes that I found always happily surprised me. I always seem to forget that I have a hard time finishing angel hair pasta because of the quantity, but I managed just fine for once. Overall I really enjoyed the dish.

The Brother ordered the Pollo Milano, which was stuffed chicken with a rose sauce. According to him: the chicken was stuffed with basil, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes, and overall it was a little dry; which wasn’t an issue because the rose sauce covered that. The basil felt like it was overpowered by the rest of the ingredients. He felt that the cheese that was used did not compliment the dish well enough.

The NSSSO had the Gnocchi, which had a cream lemon sauce. The gnocchi was well made, firm to the touch and very soft at the same time. The sauce was very subtle but flavourful. Perhaps there was a little too much lemon (I found it as a surprise when I stole some gnocchi off his plate) and there was a strong flavor of olive oil.

Overall, I quite enjoyed Novita. The server was friendly and I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. The plating gave me a pause as I tried to figure out what way would be the best to eat out of, but once that got solved; I found it more amusing than anything else. There weren’t a lot of people there, maybe because it was a Monday?

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service

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