Vacay Mayday: New York

Hey Everyone!

Curiosity is back in action! Just in time for the holidays! We will be addressing our absence next week!

I was in New York earlier this month (to avoid the chaos that was rejigging Curiosity >,<) for a brief trip. It was more relaxing than I ever expected. I visited (almost) none of the tourist sights, instead, the NSSSO and I walked up and down Manhattan. 6+ hours of walking is insanity (apparently) but that’s what s we did, and along the way we found some sights to see, food to sample, and festivals to attend.

Best Bagel and Coffee
225 W 35th St.
New York, NY

We found a bagel place by the name of Best Bagel and Coffee and so we thought why not? There was a line up, but that might be because it is quite… squishy inside. The interior was small and long, which was probably why there was a long line up. But it completely lived up to my New York expectations.

The NSSSO ordered a bacon and egg bagel, and it seems like they freshly made the bagels there. He found it to be pretty –shrug-, not much to write home about apparently. But those are some large shoes to fill with a name like that.

Shake Shack
Madison Park
New York, NY

Next we tried Shake Shack. A lot of my friend had professed undying love for this… restaurant? So how could I not try it? The NSSSO and I got in line for lunch and was a tiny bit confused by the lining up. After we resolved that, we ordered the ShackBurger and the NSSSO tried the SmokeShack. We found it to be pretty standard… not overly impressed by the burger on a whole. It was well made and I enjoyed myself but… perhaps our expectations were too high…

We really didn’t end up eating anything memorable in New York (sadly) I really must fix that. So let me know if there are any places you recommend, perhaps the next time I go I’ll try it out.

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