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Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while and I have been terrible at posting, but have no fear, a new Meal Deal is well on its way.

So, my friend was travelling to Asia and wanted to borrow a universal adapter for her trip. We made plans to eat dinner and well… why not try out something new while we’re at it right? Since mutual meeting ground appeared to be Yonge and Finch, we decided to try a restaurant my colleague recommended.

MeNami bills itself as the first genuinely traditional Udon House in Ontario. What is an udon house and how is it different from Ramen joints is beyond me. But, off we went! The interior is eclectically hipster, clearly built for younger people who wanted a drink and some food. We loved it instantly, describing it charming and fun (The sign is a bit old Hollywood vanity though).

5469 Yonge St.
North York
M2N 5S1

We most definitely debated the menu to death before we ordered our meal for the night, starting with tapas.

We ordered the Corn Kaki-Age, which was corn niblets and honey butter mayonnaise. I am always and forever hesitant when it comes to mayonnaise, just because the one time I looked at its nutrition value it scared me… quite a bit. But I digress, it was delicious. The sauce was sweet and refreshing and the corn was nicely done. I always feel that corn ends up soggy when steamed or boiled, and since I have no idea how they cooked it, I was still impressed with the lack of soggy corn. My only regret was that there was so little of it. I know that its tapas, but I would’ve spent my night eating just that if I could. But that would’ve been ridiculous, so moving on!

I got the Black Sesame Puree Udon with Beef. Here is where I knew knew knew that the owner or chef was either highly influenced by the locale of the restaurant or was Korean. The Udon had beef, schichimi, green onion, red pepper thread and baby spinach. The beef and the spinach were done in a Korean style and were actually quite good. I enjoyed the black sesame puree up to the point where I was almost finished with the bowl. Maybe there was too much puree in the bowl because it started getting very overpowering towards the end. The red pepper threads were kicky but not terribly spicy (which we all know Curiosity is a wimp) so yay for me! I’m sure the meal would’ve been better if I didn’t mix it quite as much as I did, only because all the meat and spinach ended up in the bottom of the bowl.

Overall, I really enjoyed MeNami and would love to visit again. Looking at their website, it turns out that the owner also owns Han Ba Tang, another restaurant on my must try list, so kudos to them and their successful restaurants. It’s a cute gathering location for dates or for friendly gatherings, kind of like a nice place to hang out after work (which, Curiosity being not a fan of hanging out at bars after work is nice). The only issue I would point out is that we were quite confused as to who the employees were and spent a bit of time looking for them…

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price $10 – $20 per person

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