Meal Deal: Joe Bird

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Another week another Meal Deal. I wish I was that efficient haha.

So in a strange turn of events, the NSSSO wanted to go downtown for brunch. Colour me surprised was pretty much my only reaction to the suggestion. But hey, why not, especially if he was in the mood. So, he took me to a new restaurant at Harbourfront. I was just glad that it was a beautiful day, if it had rained then it would have wasted the beautiful patio area that Joe Bird featured. I’m a sucker for the industrial look (trying to convince the NSSSO that a concrete wall in the bedroom would be awesome), so the place appealed to me on looks alone. What would the food be like? I was told chicken, chicken and more chicken.

Joe Bird
207 Queens Quay W Unit #150
M5J 1A7
Joe Bird

Their brunch menu was surprisingly lacking in chicken. So given they bill themselves as a chicken based restaurant, I felt the need to order the only menu item with chicken in it: Chicken and Waffles. The presentation is very pretty, but I found the plate a bit in the way when I needed to use a knife. The chicken, as advertised, was delicious. Chicken is arguably one of my favourite foods, so picky would be the correct adjective for me. I have to say, the chicken was done perfectly (at the very least to my standards). The chicken was wonderfully tender yet perfectly fried. The waffle I found crispy. With the way the plate was shaped, it was kind of difficult to cut pieces of the waffle and the waffle cracked under my knife more than gently parted. However, their sour cream (which I’m told is made in house) was to die for, as was their bourbon coffee sauce.

We also checked out their ice cream bar The Fix. I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, so it was really watching the NSSSO eat and stealing some bites every once in a while.

We ordered a Chocolate Orange Slam, which is soft serve ice cream with orange merengue sticks, chocolate brownie and orange syrup in a pipette. I have a soft spot for soft serve ice cream (too many childhood memories linked to it I think) and couldn’t resist taking a bite or two. They have some pretty interesting flavours and I’m pretty game to go back and try them all (depending on my mood haha).

Overall, it was a pretty good experience, I’d go back just for the view alone. But, I don’t feel like I got the full experience with brunch, so look forward to me convincing the NSSSO to head down for dinner sometime!

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price $10 – $20 per person

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