Meal Deal: Japanese Ramen King

Hello Everyone!

This week’s Meal Deal will be full of anticipation! After all, I’ve got expectations for the Japanese Ramen King. But before all that, I want to address my absence.

Essentially (or what my Not So Significant Significant Other aka NSSSO tells me) there was something wrong with the server that we were using before (and everything has been fixed –fistpump-). So, all should be well and we should be well on our way to our regularly scheduled program.

Japanese Ramen King
3278 Midland Avenue
Unit D-106
M1V 0C9

The Japanese Ramen King is a small… modern looking restaurant. I thought perhaps it was one of those restaurants that were long rather than wide, but I was sorely mistaken. What they lacked they made up with food. I wouldn’t say their menu selection was huge, but they do have a daily special (that seems really secretive because you have to ask for it).

I ordered a Ramen combo which came with (my choice) an Ikura Bowl.

The Ikura Bowl was a decent size for a combo (especially one with Ramen as well). The salmon roe was not bitter or salty (So rare! I find at least) and the rice was nice and sticky (evidently sushi rice). I highly enjoyed it, even without layering soy sauce on top (I’m not partial to soy sauce… I eat my sushi with just wasabi). I enjoyed my Ikura bowl with only wasabi and I thought it was delicious.

The ramen was not bad and I really enjoyed the egg (runny yolk, yum). Of course, that’s a personal preference, perhaps you prefer your yolk completely cooked. I thought there was a good amount of ramen. The ramen was pretty standard and the so was the soup base.

The NSSSO and I both found the waitress attentive… perhaps too attentive. We think it’s probably because we were the only people in there and the restaurant was fairly new.

Oh BTW, Japanese Ramen King is called Japanese Ramen King essentially because they sell King Crab, who knew!

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price ($10 – $20 per person)

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