Meal Deal: Happy Birthday to Me

Hey Everyone!

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should…. link) then you know that I’ve just celebrated my birthday!!

To be fair, the celebrating is still happening as my friends are still booking dinner dates (wink). The amount of food and desserty things that I’ve eaten this year is far larger than I want (recently gained a lot of weight… like a lot), but I’ve decided that birthday food = no calories (excellent adulting). So below the cut is just a brief overview of what I’ve eaten so far.

The NSSSO and my friend took me to MeNami (personal favourite) for my first birthday meal. I ordered a Potato Cream Curry Udon, one of their seasonal specials. Literally, creamed potatoes, curry and udon. I think there may have been one piece of broccoli, but no matter, it was delicious and awesome all on its own.

The birthday dessert this night was a Japanese Cheesecake from Cheese Garden. I’m about to say something controversial here, please prepare yourselves. I think that the Japanese Cheesecake from Cheese Garden… is better than the one from Uncle Tetsu’s (ducks for cover). Seriously, it was light and fluffy and I was sad to see it go. The richness that I always seem to look for in cheesecake (but then complain about the fat content) was there is this cake and I am both shocked and sad that it took me this long to eat something from them.

The NSSSO then took me to the ROM and we checked out the Blue Whale exhibit (which is really awesome… inner nerd totally showing itself today), then we went to East 36 for dinner. The restaurant was pretty dark, given it’s a cocktail bar, I guess it’s fitting? Got a cocktail, ordered a starter and an entrée and waited to enjoy. I’m not a big fan of fries, but their fries were yum… nice and crunchy. The crispy (read: deep fried) chicken skin was not so easy to eat and the entire dish felt kind of separate from each other.

I got the Swordfish, which came with asparagus and fingerling potatoes. It was okay, some pieces were overcooked, which was too bad. I wasn’t really impressed but given the NSSSO had other plans when he picked this restaurant, I’ll forgive.

For dessert, I got the Lemon Custard, which came with shortbread and macadamia nuts. The portion was excellent and I really enjoyed the custard. Not sure what was going on with the shortbread, it was a little… hard. The macadamia nuts broke up any would be monotony of the dessert though.
For my actual birthday (I’m really starting to feel special now), my brother took over the role of ordering so I really have no idea what I ate… in all honesty. But, I do like Kiu (another <3). Seeing as how I can’t really elaborate, I can just insert all photos and (hopefully) be able to caption it to the best of my ability.

 Sushi (look at the uni!)

Silken Tofu and Tuna Tartare

Pressed Sushi


Karaage (fried chicken)

More Sushi

Raw Octopus with Wasabi

Raw Oysters

For my birthday cake, the NSSSO got me a Mango Mousse with Chocolate Sponge cake. I love love love mangoes, so it’s practically tradition to get a cake with mangoes. He gets me the same hexagon mango mousse cake every year… I’m sure one day I’ll find it boring but for now <3!!

Obviously I had a great birthday this year, and can’t wait for more adventures (food or otherwise)!

See you all soon!


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