Meal Deal: Grasslands

Meal Deal is back for another week, not sure how we missed last week… Every year my brother and I throw a vegetarian heavy dinner to celebrate my very vegetarian father’s birthday. This year, we were conflicted. We’ve tried plenty of vegetarian restaurants throughout the years, where were we going to find another one? Then my aunt calls us up and says she found it. Grasslands: Vegan friendly, Gluten Free friendly and Farm – to – Table. I think it was a pretty good decision.


478 Queen St. W
Toronto, M5V 2B4

Grasslands is actually pretty easy to miss, it’s kind of dark inside and they have no sign outside. When we walked by, we couldn’t find it the first time, and it wasn’t until one of us whipped out their phone that we could find it according to number. Note: It was also helpful of my brother to point out that there was an (pretty) abstract picture of a lion on their storefront window.

We decided to order a few appetizers to share before we decided on entrees for everyone.

I ordered a Gazpacho to start off. The overall feel of the gazpacho was very refreshing, which I’m sure is every baby gazpacho’s dream for when the grow up. I enjoyed the bits of cucumber very much, and there was some sweetness from the watermelon as well. My aunt was quick to point out that they used golf leafed paper between the bowl and the plate, and (in our culture) that kind of paper is usually reserved for the dead, so an auspicious start to my father’s birthday dinner.

We shared a Bruschetta, Zucchini Fritter, and Mixed Mushrooms.

The Bruschetta was pretty average. There were chives on top, but I didn’t taste any so… yeah..

The Zucchini Fritter was a little lost on me I suspect. It was really doughy and I really didn’t expect it to be quite so doughy. Due to the doughiness, the zucchini was completely buried by the taste of the dough instead. So, more like fritter than zucchini fritter.

The Mixed Mushrooms had a startling spiciness that kicked in out of nowhere, but surprisingly good. I suppose it wasn’t too bad, given what a wimp I am. They were sadly a bit on the salty sad so that was unfortunate for me, but the Taro crisps that I ate were really quite good, given I don’t like taro at all.

For my entree, I ordered the Radatori pasta. It really didn’t lose anything without having the meat present. It more or less said to me “True Pasta can deal without the presence of Meat”, which is wonderful. Having pine nuts balanced out the sauce. One very serious point for the Radatori, the portion was huuuuuuuuuuuge. I could really only finish half of it, and the other half became lunch the next day. I sincerely think that there wasn’t any cheese on it, and (as an avid cheese lover) I thought that it could really use some cheese.

Dessert time fellow dessert lovers!

I ordered the Vanilla cake, was so very very happy with my choice. The fresh fruit compote was absolutely beautiful. I suspect that the compote was maybe raspberry (given that it was red), maybe strawberry rhubarb… Anyways, the vanilla cake and the compote complimented each other brilliantly and I was genuinely sad that I finished it.

My companion on my right had a Chocolate Bundt cake. The dark chocolate bundt was so dark that it was to the point of bitter. The fudge sauce tasted a bit like burnt, and the chocolate disc on top tasted kind of like a stake chocolate cracker. Overall, very disappointing.

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