Meal Deal: Game of Cheese

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The NSSSO and I went to a new restaurant in Commerce Gate in Markham. I’ve driven by it a couple of times before it was open and I had wondered what it would be. Well, obviously they would serve cheese, but to what extent? In what way? Could I also buy cheese there? The questions were numerous and I couldn’t wait for them to be answered.

Game of Cheese
505 Highway 7
L3T 7T1
Game of Cheese

We ordered the Duck Poutine to start off because the NSSSO sees poutine on any menu and goes straight for it. My impression of the dish was like eating Peking Duck with fries. The fries could be better (we found them a tad soft) and I can only assume the gravy was duck gravy. The dish was served in a cast iron pan, which I totally approve of because it held heat so well. The dish was never fully cold.

We also got the Swiss Cheese Pot. The cheeses that were used sounded traditional enough, but the food inside was quite Hong Kong Hot Pot. There were a lot of add on options, we chose macaroni pasta and ordered some extra cheese (just in case). We were a bit disappointed when the extra cheese came and it seemed like it was an assortment of cheddar. Given the menu stated that the Swiss Cheese Pot used cheeses traditional Swiss Fondue cheeses, we were disappointed that we had to add cheddar. There wasn’t much direction as to how to handle the meal, so we weren’t sure if we had cooked the pot long enough because it ended up being quite liquidy until we put in the extra cheese. I’m not sure the combination of flavours worked with each other to be honest.

Overall the experience wasn’t the best. The desserts also look appealing, so perhaps next time I’ll try them out.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price $15 – $25 per person

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