Meal Deal: Donburi

Another week of Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews is upon us again. Donburi is a cute restaurant in Richmond Hill that is eclectic, colourful and very very otaku. Okay, maybe not very. The restaurant does an excellent job of making you want to stay; plenty of electrical outlets, Anime on all the TV’s and the servers don’t give you looks so that you’ll leave soon. I suppose you can kind of call it an Izakaya, but I’m not positive about that at all.


505 Highway 7 East
Unit 93-95
L3T 7T1

I fully enjoyed the decor of the restaurant, very bright, very happy and very cheerful. Who doesn’t love the mascot poking his head out from behind the sign? The food you ask? Well, I would call it pretty average. It is not the best and not the worst. I would genuinely come here to chill.

We ordered a slew of things for us to try out, and here is what we think below.

My dining companion and I ordered the Tempura Shishamu (essentially fried fish), which was quite good.

The curry confused me greatly. I knew that we ordered Chicken Katsu Curry rice… yet, the chicken was quite misleading to me. I thought that my taste buds were broken, the reason? I kept thinking that the chicken was tofu. Something about it just kept making me taste tofu. I double checked with my dining companion and he said it tasted like chicken, so it really was just me. Since everyone knows what a weakling Curiosity really is when it comes to spicy food, if I tell you something wasn’t spicy, you can pretty much take it to the bank. This was NOT spicy at all.

The takoyaki was… pretty average. I wouldn’t necessarily remember to recommend it to anyone, but I wouldn’t tell people it tasted terribly either.

The Wasabi Onigiri was not too bad, but the sesame would have been better without the cream cheese.

Beef with the ponzu sauce wasn’t anything special either. It kind of seemed like all they did was sear the beef and left the middle pink and sprinkled some miso powder on top.

My dining companion thought that the place was ok, nothing too special at all. He particularly enjoyed the décor and the environment. The only issue he had was that there wasn’t free wifi, so if people were to come and study, do homework, hang out, blog, write the next Great Canadian Novel, they would have to use their own data. Overall, there is not much to say.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service

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