Meal Deal: Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Hey Everyone!

Like I said, two for one! I went to two Winterlicious restaurants this year, which makes some pretty interesting opening post for 2018 I guess. Either way, here we go!!

Cluny. What can I say about Cluny, other than I’ve been trying to get it on the list for any of my ‘licious adventures… and my friends haven’t said yes till this year. Go Curiosity (fist bumps ftw)!! I have to say, it is pretty much everything I hoped it would be, so clearly I’m not disappointed in any way. The interior wasn’t what I thought it would be, probably because I wanted to be as surprised as possible and avoided pictures. Ha. Either way, Cluny makes me think I’ve left Toronto and was eating somewhere in the south of France or something. Given I’ve never been to France, my imagination might not be as helpful… or that indie movie Colin Firth was in with Emma Stone… Either way…

Let’s get the show on the road!

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie
35 Tank House Lane
M5A 3C4

Being that (as I’ve said before I’m sure) it’s the middle of winter over here, and groundhogs couldn’t make up their minds on how many weeks of winter we have left, we were pretty cold. So, a French Onion Soup sounded pretty good. They came in little cast iron pots, which is awesome! It looked like they gave so much to us that it overflowed, which makes me pretty happy to be honest. The French onion soups that I’ve come across have all been pretty mediocre compared to this one. They’re usually overly salty and not hot enough. Clearly, Cluny’s is hot enough, but was it too salty? Haha, if I called all the other ones mediocre, then this one must’ve passed my palate somehow. It was absolutely delicious and the cheese was perfectly gooey. No over salting over here!

My entrée was another salmon dish, a grilled salmon pavé with a Lyonnaise salad, poached egg, mustard dressing, torn croutons and smoked bacon. I found the salmon a little fatty, but have since been told that the part I ate is fairly fat, so that’s fair I guess (?). Other than that, it was grilled perfectly, for me at least. I like my salmon just a tad raw, which is what I got. I’m usually not a huge salad fan, but give me a raw/poached egg any day. The salad was wonderfully fresh (ah, they beauty of the 21st century) and had complimented the salmon.

I have a special spot for sorbet as I’m not much of an ice cream fan (yes yes I know, what’s wrong with me and etc.), so I ordered the Poire William Sorbet, pear compoté apparently. Truthfully, I had no idea what compoté was until I just googled it. It’s when a whole fruit is cooked in sugar syrup. Given I had no idea that was what compoté meant, I was very surprised by how peary it was. There were little bits of pear on top that I wish there was more of, but that’s pretty much my only complaint. It was very refreshing and settled the rest of the meal perfectly.

Overall, I loved Cluny. Will I come again? Yes. Will I come again even though it’s not ‘licious season? Maybe, if I can convince someone to check out their regular menu with me. Was it worth the trip through the snow? Most definitely.

Price -> Price $20 – $30 per person

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