Meal Deal: Blacksmiths Bistro

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Curiosity has been MIA for a while and I’m sorry about that. But fear not, vids and Meal Deal are coming back as well soon! Recently, Curiosity visited Blacksmiths Bistro, in Unionville, Markham.

Blacksmiths Bistro
166 Main St.
Unionville, ONT
L3R 2G9

The restaurant was a lovely little place that Curiosity and her dining companion chanced upon. We’ve never had any luck with eating on Unionville Main St., and thought we would try our luck again. Et voila, Blacksmiths Bistro!. We felt slightly out of place, only because it seemed like every other patron was from the late 30’s and upwards. But nevertheless, it was a nice little bistro, where we did not expect to have a second floor dining room.

We ordered a Charcuterie plate to begin with. This is the first Charcuterie plate that I have seen with basically no vegetables. Not to say that it was a bad thing, in fact, my dining companion enjoyed it a lot (as he is a full-fledged carnivore and think vegetables are evil). There was salami, smoked ham, three types of cheese, a sweet aspect (that I still haven’t figured out what it was), walnuts and some crackers. The board was really quite lovely, my companion wasn’t too fond of the blue cheese, but I found it – paired with the walnuts – quite good. For some odd reason, I found the Brie cheese on the board quite bitter, but I’m going to go right ahead and assume that is because I ate something weird combination of foods for that to occur.

I ordered the seared scallops with citrus couscous for my main. The dish that showed up was quite small, and it almost made me wish that it was presented in a bowl rather than a plate. But it was quite deceptive. I was oddly full by the time I finished my meal. The scallops were soft and tender, not rubbery like I was afraid of. The couscous was done quite well. There wasn’t much citrus (that I could find) and the dish was unfortunately watery. The green sauce that accompanied the dish was – I suspect – a vegetable sauce of some sort. It was quite difficult for me to determine what the sauce was because it had no flavour. Overall, it was a pretty average dish with some interesting surprises towards the end.

My dining companion had the Atlantic Salmon. According to him, the salmon was cooked really well (to medium as requested) and the flavouring was perfectly balanced, even without the lemon. In fact, he confessed that adding the lemon may not have been his finest dining decision. He found that the potatoes were just a bit too salty and oily, the asparagus were not cooked evenly. Some of the pieces were quite soft and some of them had a bit of a crunch. Overall, the dish was quite filling and the fish did not disappoint at all.

Overall, the restaurant was quite a nice experience. The dining room was cozy and it was clear that the other diners were quite comfortable and relaxed in the environment. I would visit the Blacksmiths Bistro in the future again, but I would save it for a celebration of an anniversary before I would think of it again.

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