Meal Deal: Azzurra

This week’s Meal Deal is brought to you by my lovely vacation to Collingwood. Well, more like my friend’s lovely birthday celebration. So after (much too much) debate about where to have dinner one night, we borrowed the help of good ol’ Yelp and attempted to find a restaurant that all 7 of us would agree on. The answer to that question, was Azzurra.

100 Pine St.
L9Y 2N9

Azzurra was all low lighting and lighted candles, perfect for setting up a romantic atmosphere.

We started with the Antipasto, which had Bocconcini cheese, shallots, sundried tomatoes, peppers, grilled zucchini, preserved meat, prosciutto and eggplants.

The Bocconcini cheese with vinegar was good, very fresh, which is always what I look for. I was extremely satisfied with this, given Bocconcini cheese is my absolute favourite cheese.

The shallots had misled me. I originally thought (due to the low lighting) that they were olives, they were actually shallots. Unexpectedly, the shallots were doused in vinegar and had an unexpected kick. As previously mentioned, I am useless when it comes to spicy food. The kick was, as mentioned before, unexpected but not unwanted.

The sundried tomatoes looked extremely oily, I was a bit worried about how much oil would end up in my mouth. Turned out, the sundried tomatoes were moister than I previously thought.

The pepper was a pepper, a nicely grilled pepper.

I highly enjoyed the grilled zucchini, it was done perfectly, even cold, it was still absolutely delicious.

I cannot remember what the preserved meat was called. Whatever meat it was, it was really quite delicious.

The prosciutto was quite standard, it was very much like any piece I previously had.

I absolutely hate the texture of eggplants, no matter how it was cooked. My dining companions did say that they were quite good, and as 3 of them do enjoy eggplants, I have it on good authority that they were quite good.

For my entree, I had the salmon. The salmon was on top of a quiet little salad that I really couldn’t bear to break it apart. There was a licorice tasting herb buried somewhere in the salad, and I believe that it was fennel. It leant some spice to the refreshing medley. The apples that were a part of the salad were also delicious, given it was the beginning of apple picking season, I believe that it is only expected that the apples would be delicious. The salmon was melt in your mouth soft and the centre was still raw. The flavour was quite wonderful and I loved the gradual change in texture from cooked to raw and back again.

Overall the place was lovely, just off of the main road and not that difficult.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service

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