Meal Deal: AKA-ONI Izakaya

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A Meal Deal right before Curiosity heads off to her overseas adventure (WoOt!). So look forward to another Vacay Mayday post!

Had lunch with a friend before the NSSSO and I started our last minute packing panic (most disorganized the NSSSO and I have every been). Tried out a new Japanese Izakaya (which I’m starting to think is really just a way of saying NOT AYCE) in Scarborough. I liked it when I saw it. They went extremely contemporary, which I wasn’t expecting because the plaza is not known for outstanding… anything. Let’s just get on with the Meal Deal shall we?

AKA-ONI Izakaya
633 Silver Star Boulevard
Unit 108
Toronto, M1V

So as I was saying, the interior is very contemporary. All low lighting and grey walls. Lining the front windows are empty bottles of sake/alcohol and cute little windows with more empty sake/alcohol bottles. I loved their large feature table in the middle of the restaurant. It fits ten comfortably and is an interesting shape. IT brings together the whole restaurant quite nicely.

I ordered the Haru Bento box. This was not the usual Bento that showed up. The bento looked like it was the size of the NSSSO’s torso and it was done in small dishes and bowls rather than using a bento box. The Haru bento came with a Katsu Don, daily sushi special, a grilled fish, and tempura. Let’s start with the sushi. I ate all four pieces of it and still have no idea what I ate. It was really fresh and there was some crunchy spicy thing that was unexpected (for me at least). The Salmon sushi was really fresh as well.

The Katsu Don was pretty standard. The egg didn’t overpower the meal, which was great because I always expect it to. They cut the pork thinly but it ended up sticking together so I had to pry some of the pieces apart. Other than that, I think they did a good job on the Don.

I loved the grilled fish. I started off wanting a larger piece because so much deliciousness should not be limited. But with the amount of food that was served, I am extremely glad that they didn’t give me a larger piece. As I had trouble finishing the meal on its own. I always expect white fish to be too fatty and grilled fish to be quite salty. But, it was nether. It didn’t feel too fatty at all and the salt amount was enough. The fish was perfectly tender.

The tempura was tempura. I’m not saying they didn’t do a good job, but it is tempura.

The NSSSO ordered the Natsu Bento and it came with Teriyaki Chicken, Angus beef wrapped mushrooms, cooked salmon rice bowl and the daily sushi.
The Chicken was cooked very well (the NSSSO has high expectations when it comes to chicken). It was moist, which according to NSSSO, is something that chicken should be. Other than that, there was not much else to report.

The salmon rice had diced salmon. Each piece was cooked on the outside and raw on the inside, how they managed is a mystery of course. The sauce they used was teriyaki and had a sprinkling seaweed on top. Overall, the NSSSO thought that they did a really good job of it.

The Angus beef wrapped mushrooms were great too. We didn’t get to it till a little later so it got cold and became a little tough. But, the taste was still good and the amount was , again, just enough.

Overall, it’s a good little restaurant. Until they get their liquor license I can’t rightly call it an izakaya (after all, izakaya is apparently an informal Japanese gastropup). I quite like it and would highly recommend this place to people.

-> Food
-> Plating
-> Decor
-> Service
-> Price $10 – $20 per person

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