Liberty Burgers

Hey Everyone!!

Curiosity has been busy busy busy and busy, but not TOO busy as to not eat at all.

Today I bring to you, Liberty Burgers!

Liberty Burgers
144 Main Street Markham North
Markham, ON
L3P 5T3
(905) 554-5599

So I had a lovely meal at Liberty Burgers with my friend. It was a bit difficult getting to the restaurant due to the construction on Main Street Markham, but it was completely worth it. The restaurant looks quite quaint on the outside (to fit in with the quaintness of the rest of the street), but when you step inside it is the epitome of a smooth and sleek restaurant. It is a small restaurant where the grill is seen, heard and smelt. The smell of burgers cooking is immediate and awesome.


I ordered the Astoria burger and got a Greek salad rather than fries. The burger was perfect. The Astoria burger is Greek themed, with roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce. I guess if I decided to get a Greek burger I might as well get a Greek salad. And let’s be serious ladies and gentlemen, how can you possibly eat such a loaded burger without making a large mess? The burger was delicious, the meat was perfectly made and the toppings were well balanced. The salad was huge (as the picture dictates) and for a burger joint, they make wonderful salads. They served their salad with the largest amount of olives I have ever encountered. Normally, Greek salads come with one to two olives, I think I had at least five in this salad. Wonderful!


My friend ordered the Holli Guacamole. The burger comes with mozzarella cheese, tons of guacamole, two slices of bacon, and Liberty Burgers’ signature sauce. He got fries with his meal and they were delicious as well. I am not a fan of guacamole, but my friend loved every bite of his. Both of our burgers were fully loaded, so of course he made a mess eating his as well. According to him, it was a wonderful balance of everything. and from what I could see, the guacamole stayed a solid green the entire time, so it’s good to know that it remained fresh. The fries were perfectly crispy and stayed that way. May have been some of the best fries I have ever stolen off someone’s plate.

Overall, Liberty Burgers may just be my new favourite place to have a burger. It’s a small restaurant, with a nice patio. Where it lacks in size, it gains in coziness and lovely service. The owner himself if a very nice guy who comes out and talks to you. Since the grill is visible, you can watch your meal get made and be satisfied that you inspected without having to cook. Definitely my new favourite place for burgers, and I hope some of you give it a try as well!

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