Dark Chocolate Sour Cream Ganache

This is actually the first time I’m trying out this recipe. It’s a fairly simple recipe though so I figured it cant fail as badly.

My friend’s birthday is actually a week after mine and I have promised to make her a birthday cake. The criteria, however, was to make a chocolate lasagna. What the hell is chocolate lasagna? So I spent a week trying out ways to make a cake look like a lasagna. One of the things I decided was instead of pasta, I would put in a chocolate layer instead. So voila, I needed to make a chocolate filling.

As I said before, this chocolate ganache is actually really easy. It takes almost no time to put together.

12 ounces of dark chocolate
123 cup sour cream

1 large heat resistant bowl
1 pot
Something to stir with (spoon, spatula, etc.)

1) Set up a double boiler (boil a pot of water, then reduce the heat until it is just simmering. Once it is simmering, put the bowl on top. MAKE SURE THE WATER IS NOT TOUCHING THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWL)
2) Put the chocolate into the double boiler and melt it. Stir every so often.
3) Remove from heat and add the sour cream
4) Stir until incorporated.

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