Comfort Is Where Your Food Is

Hello everybody!

A little late this week, but meh –shrug- things happen.

Real Life has been kind of tough lately and all I want is to crawl into bed and eat cookies… and other things.
I normally don’t associate cookies with being comfort food for me… in fact, food doesn’t bring as much comfort to me as baking does, but occasionally… certain foods do hit a spot.

I am most nostalgic for my mother’s fried rice (she makes the best and that’s the end of that story) when I’m having a bit of an off day. I want a warm sandwich in the middle of the night because that’s what my brother made me during exam season (late night cramming WOOT!) and a cup of warm, milky sweet earl grey tea because that’s what my dad made me when I pulled all-nighters.

It always surprises me what comforts a person. I received some disappointing news last night and tried out a new biscotti recipe (which will pop up here when I’m good and ready!). Rather than tasting it myself, the NSSSO and my brother ate it all and now I have a new recipe that’s ready for round two of testing.

Right now, I’m watching Friends and the NSSSO is trying to make me shortbread (because shortbread, cup of hot tea, and a book is the best!) because he ate all my cookies last night.
Let me know what your version of comfort foods are and we can share and compare!

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