Chef’s Table

Hello Everyone!
Over the break, I wandered around and had a meal at Chef’s Table


4372 Steeles Ave east
Unit G74
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9V6

The interior of the restaurant was very cute, an attempt at creating a bistro-like atmosphere. Previously, this space was a Japanese restaurant named Watami. As with most restaurants that took over a previous restaurant’s spot, the decor is generally recycled and kept the same to spare expenses. However, Chef’s Table is quite opposite of Watami. Gone were the Reds and blacks, and in its place was a brighter and more open atmosphere. My companion and I went for lunch and there was only one waiter. The second you walk through the door you see the kitchen, which I suppose is attractive. I enjoyed their use of wine as decor, empty and full.


The soup was a gift from the restaurant. I assume it was a new thing they were thinking about adding to the menu. I have no idea what’s in it but it was quite good. There was something lacking, to which I never could figure out, but overall the soup was quite good. The garlic bread that came with it was excellent. I would go back for just the garlic bread.


I ordered the Beef Stew. The portions came and looked awfully little on the plate and I seriously considered whether or not I would be full after my meal. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the portion a perfect size, it was also quite good. Thew beef portion was tender and the taste was full of flavour and (this is me being biased) carrots hold a very dear place in my heart. The carrots were soft but not to the point of mushy. The part that I surprisingly enjoyed a lot was the corn on the cobb. I extremely dislike eating corn on the cobb, but wherever they found this corn it was delicious. The corn was sweet, sweeter than any other I’ve tried before and roasted to (my version) of happiness. Overall, for $8.99, I enjoyed the meal quite a bit.


My companion ordered the Curry Chicken. As he is the pickiest eater (when it comes to chicken) I have ever seen, he paid quite a compliment by saying he liked it. The curry is quite mild because both my companion and I cannot handle spicy things well (I am an absolute wimp), but overall I enjoyed their curry as well. It makes me feel as if I can eat the same level of spiciness as everyone else… although I would just be pretending. (Curiosity occasionally lives a pathetic life) His corn was equally as delicious as mine. Overall, for $7.99, the food was quite filling and (I) enjoyed the chicken curry immensely.


I enjoyed Chef’s Table quite a bit. I can only assume that my companion and I stumbled upon this little restaurant around its opening date, due to the lack of people that was at the restaurant. Granted, we went on a weekday and I think a little bit after lunch, so that is allowable. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and the service was not bad (given they had only one waiter). I would go visit Chef’s table again, and if anyone wants to try something in Markham, this is not a bad place to try.

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