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56 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2P7
(416) 243-3327

For my friend’s birthday, a couple of us went down to Cheesewerks for Trivia Night. It was $2 to play and the food was bought separately. Cheesewerks brands themselves as “A restaurant that’s all about the Cheese.”

When I saw the restaurant, I couldn’t believe that I had arrived at a restaurant. IT reminded me more of a fast food joint, the seating and decor was very reminiscent of a fancy A&W. My friend had signed up our party for Trivia night, so there was a reserved table waiting for us. SO I sat down and hoped that I would be pleasantly surprised.

You order at the counter where the menu hangs over top. Everything was cheese based and named after cities all over the world. One can only assume that the inspiration for the menu comes from these cities. Afterwards, you can decide if you want a city-styled Grilled Cheese, Quesadilla, Nachos, or Mac & Cheese. There is a choice of soup and sides (If you wish to add on top of your meal). Their beverage selection was quite selective. You cannot find your normal juice and tea, but they stock a plethora of beer, house-made juice, tea and soda .
I ordered a Charleston Mac & Cheese which had Double Cream Brie, Oven-Caramelized Onions as well as Apricot Chutney. I also ordered a Mint Lemonade Soda. When I first received this meal, the Mac & Cheese was cold. My dining companions’ meals were all steaming hot and mine was cold, so my friend got them to give me a new one. The second one came back lukewarm, so my impression of the restaurant was already damaged. The brie cheese was not melted at all, which made for a very dull Mac & Cheese, where the cheese was separate from the mac. The Mint Lemonade Soda was also not very good, there was either too much mint or not enough lemon, striking zero balance. This meal cost me somewhere between $11-$15.


I ordered a Miami Mac & Cheese for my friend, so I feel obligated for his dissatisfaction. The Miami Mac & Cheese had Swiss Cheese, Citrus Roast Pork, Smoked ham and a Dill and Dijon mustard. I also ordered him a Lemonade. He thought that the food at Cheesewerks took too long to come out. He didn’t understand why the environment suggested that we were in a fast food restaurant, yet the food took too long to come out. He wasn’t satisfied by the food at all. He also thought that the lemonade was overpriced for something that tasted like it was made with a mix.

Most of us were unhappy with our meal that night. The price seemed very reasonable, yet the quality of the food didn’t hit the price mark. Trivia Night was a lot of fun though. Unless we go back for Trivia Night, we won’t be visiting Cheesewerks again.

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