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Hey everyone! It’s been a while!!

No… I’m not off my hiatus yet… But I need to share some Halloween joy with you guys anyways… So, I’ve posted some pictures of the pumpkin I carved for people to enjoy!!

I miss you all and I will be back soon with more fun recipes!

Format Aside

Hey Everyone!

As you may have noticed, my posting has become quite erratic lately. This is mostly because I have stuff I need to sort out and the shortage of recipes.

So I am taking an indefinite hiatus. I want to say two weeks to a month… but I’m not sure I’ll have sorted my life out quite yet… so apologies everyone!! I’ll be back though… That’s for sure!


A Long Time Coming

So you maybe wondering why there’s no post this week.

That’s because Curiosity to the Oven has temporarily run out of recipes. The month long trip to Hong Kong has left me with no time to try out new recipes. So, I am going on a week long hiatus to test and try new recipes.

Feel free to submit desserts you want me to try!

See you all next week!