Meal Deal: Azzurra

This week’s Meal Deal is brought to you by my lovely vacation to Collingwood. Well, more like my friend’s lovely birthday celebration. So after (much too much) debate about where to have dinner one night, we borrowed the help of good ol’ Yelp and attempted to find a restaurant that all 7 of us would agree on. The answer to that question, was Azzurra.

100 Pine St.
L9Y 2N9

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Meal Deal: Grasslands

Meal Deal is back for another week, not sure how we missed last week… Every year my brother and I throw a vegetarian heavy dinner to celebrate my very vegetarian father’s birthday. This year, we were conflicted. We’ve tried plenty of vegetarian restaurants throughout the years, where were we going to find another one? Then my aunt calls us up and says she found it. Grasslands: Vegan friendly, Gluten Free friendly and Farm – to – Table. I think it was a pretty good decision.


478 Queen St. W
Toronto, M5V 2B4

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Meal Deal: Donburi

Another week of Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews is upon us again. Donburi is a cute restaurant in Richmond Hill that is eclectic, colourful and very very otaku. Okay, maybe not very. The restaurant does an excellent job of making you want to stay; plenty of electrical outlets, Anime on all the TV’s and the servers don’t give you looks so that you’ll leave soon. I suppose you can kind of call it an Izakaya, but I’m not positive about that at all.


505 Highway 7 East
Unit 93-95
L3T 7T1

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Meal Deal : Inspire

Curiosity is back with another week of Meal Deal restaurant reviews. I recently checked out a local Markham restaurant named Inspire. They billed themselves as an Asian Fusion restaurant, so I reserved some judgement, depending on how they “fused” the cuisines.


144 Main St. Markham N
Unit 1
Markham, L3P 5T3

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Meal Deal: Tsuki Izakaya

Hey everyone! Curiosity is back and introducing Meal Deal Restaurant Reviews! This is where I give you the deal on a meal I had (I know I know, punny, I promise that’s the last time I say that). So I tried out an Izakaya recently and enjoyed some of their dishes. An Izakaya is essentially a Japanese style bar with Japanese style bar food.


Tsuki Izakaya
135 York Blvd.
Richmond Hill
L4B 3B4


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