Birthday and #VacayMayday

Hello Everyone!

In all technicality, it’s past my birthday week (unless birthday week is the week after your birthday), but I’ll probably spend the rest of this week posting up pictures of what I ate during my birthday week. It’s the most active I’ve been in a while haha.

In any case, I wanted to do a quick post in regards to aging up another year and an upcoming #VacyMayday.

I have a friend that frequently descends into “Quarter Life Crisis” every year. She start freaking out when our other friend’s birthday rolls around, then brings it back for my birthday and then freaks out for an entire month before her birthday. Is this normal? I just had to ask. I’ve never had this moment, my birthday feels magical and feels like every other day as well. I haven’t had moments about mortality or my fading youth, until this year. Maybe I caught my friend’s hysteria or maybe it really age catching up with me. I had dinner with my dad for my birthday and it really hit me that we’re all aging. He looked greyer and just a tiny bit more hunched (which I wouldn’t dare tell him ever, he’s always had wide shoulders and a stance that brooked no argument). My little brother, had a little more presences, planned out my present like I’ve never seen him do and maturely handled my dad’s stubborn tendencies. I’ve gone morose and depressing, so let’s move over to something more cheerful.

I’m always startled by how many people remember/know my birthday. The most unlikely people started helping me celebrate after I told my dad I grew out of elaborate birthday parties he used to throw me. I grew to be more private about my birthday, and kept it off all of my social media. So when my dad’s close friend (practically my aunt) calls me up every year to have dinner and to hand over another purse, or my eldest cousin says dinner with her family and followed it up with a skin care basket (mango flavoured every year) will always surprise me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to remember my birthday and make me feel as loved as I do every year in May. Thank you to family and age old friends that plan and shower me with joy. Thank you to the NSSSO for all the small surprises and big unveils.

In other case, I’m going to be going to Portugal next week and could really use some recommendations. We’re going to be attending my cousin’s wedding and am looking forward to some European summer. Spring? Summer? What is May? In any case, I would love any and all recommendations!

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