Being Well: The Beginning of the Journey

Hello Everybody!

I’ve started a brand new adventure this year that I feel like I’m ready to share. One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to be healthier. As you age, things change or stop working quite so well… my metabolism is one of those I guess. My doctor’s been concerned with my cholesterol level and thus I’ve been carefully monitoring it. In January, I decided I needed to help myself more and started Meatless Mondays.

It was really difficult at first, no amount of salad was satisfying for dinner and I got bored extremely quickly. I knew it was time to get creative. Aroma and Freshii have some pretty good salads. They’re big, they taste good and they’re filling. Thank goodness there’s a variety or else I would’ve cried over lunch numerous times.

Of course, I had to get pretty creative in the kitchen as well. I discovered that avocados were an excellent substitute to heavy cream sauces. The texture is pretty close and it satisfies me like a creamy pasta would. They’re also excellent in terms of texture. Leafy greens all feel pretty much the same after a while, but the occasional avocado or tomato really changes the game.

Dinner is the part that trips me up the most. If I’m not full after lunch, I can always eat fruits or yogurt to encourage myself throughout the day. But what am I going to do after I eat dinner? I don’t like to eat after 10 P.M, and there is only so much fruit I can eat afterwards without feeling bloated before bedtime. We mostly cook a lot of Chinese food at home, so all the vegetables are boiled, steamed or maybe pan fried. Unfortunately, the NSSSO is not fond of vegetables, so it’s been an interesting sixish months for him as well. I find that if I make pasta dishes, I get enough carbs to for it to be satisfying and can throw in as many vegetables as possible. If the NSSSO is making Chinese food, he tends to steam eggs just to give me some variety, or just stir fry some veg with meat so that I can pick out my vegetables and he still has something to eat.

It’s been an interesting journey so far, and the results are satisfying. With more exercise (which I’m still trying to build a regime for) I’ll be in a happy place in no time. But the constant vigilance over what I put in my mouth isn’t over, and there aren’t enough cheat days to make me happy.

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  • AWu

    July 19, 2017 at 12:10 pm Reply

    Awesome! It’s all about balancing the intake (food) and the out-take (exercising) — good luck with your new adventure!

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