Being Well: Doctor’s Update

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second session of Being Well (applause). This one is a biggy, I just finished my quarterly blood test with my doctor and got the report back.

News is not good, the cholesterol level is up (we think it might be that one week in Tremblant where I forgot about my health…) and my doctor is concerned. I’ve been given a stricter diet and if you want to know more, feel free to continue reading.

The ideal breakfast that has been prescribed includes a bowl of oatmeal, one banana and a cup of milk. My doctor says that fiber will help to lower the cholesterol levels, so a variation of these there foods make up my breakfast. I was also given the option of chocolate milk, as long as it was skim, because I can’t stand the taste of milk.

Larger Meals:
I am still sticking to more carb heavy meals, but my doctor made a semi big deal about how to cook my vegetables. He says that at this point, I should just consider boiling everything. Since I don’t want to do that for every meal, I figure I’ll have to meal plan better. But #meatlessmonday is still a thing, and will most definitely remain a thing.

Dessert? Maybe:
For now, no more fun desserts… I’m sticking to fruits and vegetables. Which yes, is absolutely no fun… so you can be sure that I’ll try and figure out a way I can eat desserts again!

So as of this point, I’m not really sure how to proceed truthfully. My bff is suggesting meal planning meal planning and meal planning, which I agree but will have to figure out how.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

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