1 Year Anniversary !!

1 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it guys?? It’s been a year (well really a bit more, but I did start in March) since Curiosity to the Oven has been up!!

I’m beyond surprised and happy that I’ve had this many supporters since the beginning… granted I may have had to bribe a couple of friends to help me with this piece of homework, but who would’ve thought that the final assignment in my social media class would’ve lead to this.

Thanks to my family for letting me mess up the kitchen every week. Thanks to my friends for listening to me obsess about the blog, try my food, record, edit, hold up random pieces of lighting or backdrop and just being awesome in general! And thank you to every subscriber and reader!

Thanks J:ETUDE Photography for my banner, my display picture, and the awesome collaboration in December!!!

And what better way to celebrate than to watch how I’ve failed in the past year?!

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